• Indefinite
  • Full time
  • Jal el Dib, Metn, Lebanon
  • 961

Want to play a crucial role in managing the finances and well-being of an independent media and community company? Read on!

961 is looking for an experienced and passionate accountant to manage everything to do with our money and finances. From paying staff and suppliers to ensuring management gets accurate financial reports regularly and everything in between, you'll be our go-to 'money' person.

This person must have a strong command of English and Arabic, be able to work in a fast-paced environment, contribute their experience, and guide management through this chaotic economic crisis.

The right person should have the ability to navigate and master multiple currencies and various rates (official, bank, and market).

This person should have excellent interpersonal and communication skills as they will be responsible for dealing with our banks, clients, and staff.

This person must be absolutely trustworthy and confidential.

In short, you will be managing, documenting, and reporting finances, as well as receiving and issuing all payments.

Before applying, please visit our about page ( to get a feel for who we are and that you align with our values!


1) Manage the finances

  • Cash and Fx Management
  • Develop and maintain internal control and effective accounting system and policies
  • Manage relationships with the banks we hold accounts at
  • Bookkeeping
  • Handle all payroll processes and control all payroll reports to ensure correctness

2) Collect/Issue Payments

  • Issue payroll
  • Issue reimbursement of work-related costs and benefits to employees
  • Issue payments to suppliers/contractors.
  • Prepare and issue invoices to clients
  • Collect payment from clients and follow up on pending payments when needed
  • Pay bills

3) Documenting, Reporting, and Gov't duties

  • Prepare financial reports on a monthly basis.
  • Declaration of NSSF, VAT, tax on salaries, etc.
  • Handle the preparation of all documents related to the Ministry of Finance
  • Ensure compliance with accounting standards


  • Bilingual (English & Arabic).
  • A minimum 1 year experience. Bachelor’s degree in Accounting or equivalent.
  • Knowledge of Lebanese Accounting and Taxation law
  • Knowledge of finance, accounting, budgeting, cost accounting, and cost control principles
  • Work experience after January 2020 (during the economic crisis/hyperinflation) major plus.

Who you are:

  • Attention to detail - Does not let important details slip through.
  • Enthusiasm - Exhibits passion and excitement over work. Has a can-do attitude. 961 is high energy and our team amplifies this.
  • Values: Able to represent 961’s values online and offline during the term of employment
  • Professional: Maintains professional communication and interpersonal skills
  • Trustworthy: Can be trusted with money and confidential information.

About the job:

Start date is by November 15th.

You're expected to work from our headquarters in Jal el Dib. This is the first time we hire for this position so we may have left things out of the description (feel free to let us know). The selected person will be establishing the processes for the first time.


Due to the nature of the position and associated risks, we have incorporated the following security measures for this position:

  • You will undergo an extensive background check prior to employment by 961's security team.
  • Regular security checks will be conducted by 961's security team.
  • A member of 961's security team will escort you to any work-related meetings or visits outside of the office including the bank or financial service points.


Monday to Friday

8am - 5pm