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961's Values & Missions

Our values and missions define who we are and keep us motivated to serve our community! Read all about them at:


961 is an independent media outlet aimed at providing a reliable alternative to the politically-backed and affiliated outlets in Lebanon. Our core mission is to decentralize the control of information and limit their heavily-funded propaganda machines – one view at a time.

Digitize Lebanese Identity

961 is working to digitize Lebanese culture, pop culture, heritage, identity, and history.

Not Neutral

Although independent, 961 is not neutral. We have a duty to speak out against oppression, human rights abuses, abuse of power, corruption, and the undermining of Lebanese sovereignty and its people. We are anti-colonial (militarily, politically, and culturally).

Promoting Lebanese Unity

961 does not recognize the Lebanese people as being any other identity than Lebanese, first. To promote national unity among Lebanese, we're against any labels such as “Arab” or “Western” in order to promote being Lebanese before any sect or regional identity/influence.

Equal Opportunity

961 is an equal opportunity company that is against any sort of discrimination based on ethnicity, gender, religion, age, family status, or sexual orientation. We aim to prevent any sort of discrimination in our hiring process, workplace, and our editorial.

961 Benefits & Perks

Working for 961 is equally rewarding as it is demanding!

Mission-Based Work

We're working towards a mission, for a better Lebanon and a Lebanon we love and deserve.

Career Development

Opportunities for personal and professional growth via work experience. You'll gain hands-on experience and skills beyond your regular position.

Work-Life Balance

We offer our employees paid time off, including annual leave, paid sick days, mental health days and more.

Mental Health

We take our mental health seriously. That's why we offer paid mental health days.

Come work at 961!

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Jal el Dib


961 Office

We're currently transitioning from remote to our new modern headquarters in Jal el Dib!



961's Headquarters is a modern state-of-the-art 750sqm (8,000 sqft) workplace located in Zalka, Lebanon. It's equipped with 24/7 electricity and fiber internet.
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